Write the slope-intercept form of the equation of the line that passes through (-3,1) and is parallel to the line represented by y=-2/3x-5

Accepted Solution

 assume you want a line that goes through the given point and parallel to the given line. A line that is parallel to y=2/3 x + 5 will have the same slope. slope of that line is 2/3...the number in front of the x. So our new line will have slope of 2/3. now we need the y-intercept. To find that start with a slope intercept equation y=mx+b plug in the slope that we already know...it goes in for x...will be the number in front of x y= 2/3 x + b. now all we need is a number to plug in for the "b" and we will have it. to get the "b"...start with the part you already know. y = 2/3 x + b use the point they gave you...(-3,1)...and get x and y from it x will be -3 and y will be 1 plug that in 1= 2/3 ( -3) + b now we solve for b 1 = -2 + b 3 = b now we have the b we need y = 2/3 x + b y = 2/3 x + 3